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After releasing three albums in New Zealand, Melbourne singer/songwriter Tim Guy finally has an Australian release under his belt with the new LP Dreaming of a Night Mango, which he will showcase at the Grace Emily this week.

Bic Runga noticed the intimate, raw and DIY ethos of Tim Guy’s acoustic songs in 2002 after he met her backstage and handed her a CD. The New Zealand singer signed Guy to her label Nu Shoo Records to release his debut album Blazey. After relocating to New Zealand to release two more albums, as well as tour Europe a few times, Guy can finally turn his attention to Australia with Dreaming of a Night Mango, which is out on Mark Monnonoe’s (The Lucksmiths) label Lost & Lonesome. Guy says his fourth album is the closest he has come to replicating his live sound on record.

“It took a bit of time, which is a bit strange,” he tells The Adelaide Review. “On paper it seems like it should be quite a simple process, but even though it was very enjoyable and satisfying, it took a bit of time to stay in the right frame of mind to get it to completion.”

His grandfather inspired the songs on the album.

“Granddad has been in hospital for sometime and I spent a lot of time trying to understand the story of his long and varied life. I didn't know anything prior to him joining the armed forces when he was 16, and he's done so much that I don't even know half his story, just the bits and pieces that he gave away over the years, the little tidbits. I tried to make this music [sound] like calming music or something along those lines. When I was writing and recording the album I would think really hard about what kind of thing may calm and relax a soldier of any nationality while he or she may be sitting alone contemplating any kind of turmoil. It's not meant to be deep though, just a hint of that emotion.”

Guy will perform with three other players at the Grace Emily.

“I can't wait to play at the Grace. There are four of us coming for the show, the guys I have been playing with for the last year or so: Nat Riley and Dan Musil playing guitars, and Jim Power singing with me. We are in Wollongong right now and we were saying last night that for us it feels like we are really making something great each night. [We’ve] been doing a lot of shows over the last year, we don’t always hit the spot that we want but we are always searching for it.”

Tim Guy
The Grace Emily
Thursday, April 18






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