Hauntology House

We all love interactivity, so what if we told you that the Adelaide Festival has teamed up with ABC Arts to bring us an innovative new way to experience the Adelaide Festival online?

Hauntology House is an interactive online music experience created and designed by Severed Heads’ front man Tom Ellard and you can find it at abc.net.au/arts/hauntologyhouse from today until Tuesday, April 30.

The Hauntology House experience allows you to be the creator of new music by using analogue audio samples in a three-dimensional digital space. While it isn’t seen as a competitive game, it is game-like where you are able to explore a virtual warehouse featuring various ‘hauntological’ objects to play with. Analogue music players including gramophones, reel-to-reel tape decks, jukeboxes, radios and the like allow you to play different samples of music.

Using a mouse and keypad to control an avatar, you can move through the rooms to activate the objects, from which samples of music are played. As the objects can be moved from room to room, the samples can be layered, in any order at different times or speeds, and a new music track created.

Now you might be wondering what the term ‘Hauntology’ actually means? French philosopher Jacques Derrida coined the term in 1993 and the concept has since become recognised in pop culture as a way of manipulating samples culled from the past.

Brains behind Hauntology House Tom Ellard has had an extensive career as the front man and creative leader of seminal Australian electronic group Severed Heads who were the forerunners for pairing electronics music with computer-generated imagery and their best-known work includes Dead Eyes Opened and All Saints Day.

“In Hauntology House, music is the living space rather than the walls, and in that space lives a collection of machines, animals and tunnels - the ghosts of my musical ideals," Ellard said in a press release.

The Severed Heads are also performing as part of the Adelaide Festival, with the Festival rescuing them from retirement to perform at the Queen’s Theatre on Wednesday, March 13.







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