Review: Amour

After its infamous opening scene, Amour introduces us to an elderly Parisian couple living a dream retirement life, attending concerts while discussing art in their spacious apartment before a stroke changes everything.

The latest from Austrian auteur Michael Haneke (Funny Games, The White Ribbon) won Haneke his second Palme D’Or for best film at Cannes and received five Oscar nominations. Starring Jean-Louis Trintigant and Emmanuelle Riva as Georges and Anne, former music teachers who are in their 80s, the pair are brilliant as the lifelong couple as you feel the 60 years of love, quirks, pet-hates and warmth between the two. When Anne suffers a stroke, their relationship changes as she slowly desecrates and Georges is left to care for her.

The second half of the film can be hard going. Haneke doesn’t sugarcoat reality. And it is a realist portrayal that feels more real than a documentary with Haneke’s minimal, but beautiful, approach. Amour is a stunning look at the last years of life and a life of love.

Amour opens on February 21



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