Roman (working) holiday


Adelaide Central School of Art’s Mary-Jean Richardson won the inaugural AEAF Cibo Espresso Studio Residency, which will allow Richardson to live and work in the Eternal City for three months at the British School in Rome.

Richardson, who is a co-coordinator of the upcoming Adelaide Central School of Art Graduate Exhibition, will reside in Rome from June to September 2013. The inaugural AEAF Cibo winner says the British School in Rome studio placement will allow her a freedom to investigate her work.

“I will use this opportunity to research ideas, and study, gather and test material techniques,” Richardson explains. “These investigations will be recorded through journals, drawings, paintings, video and photography. I intend to spend my time in Rome looking at as much art as possible, through visiting museums, galleries, contemporary art spaces, chapels and churches.

“The studio will be used as a space for action, contemplation and revelation, where I will make small painted studies and other propositional works. Large works will be impractical to bring home, and the three-month time period limits what could be achieved. However, I will use these studies and propositions to make more substantial work when I return to my studio in Adelaide. Over the last few years I have been part of various group studios and value highly the exchange with others working around me at the British School at Rome. I would also take advantage of being in Italy during this time to visit the 55th Venice Biennale and concurrent, associated exhibitions.”

The British School in Rome is one of Rome’s most prestigious foreign academies.


Mary-Jean Richardson
Lost girl (1) (Edit)
Oil on linen
60cm x 85cm
(photo MJ Richardson)

Mary-Jean Richardson
Untitled (attentive)
oil on board
20cm x 26cm
(photo MJ Richardson)

Mary-Jean Richardson
Double Vision
oil on linen
90cm x 80 cm
(photo MJ Richardson)


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