See the music, hear the art

A collaboration between longtime friends Niki Vasilakis and Claire Foord will match visual art with music at Norwood’s new Fringe venue, The Alley.

The collaboration, Sensorial, sees violinist Niki Vasilakis perform an original composition live and during the performance a video of Claire Foord painting in reaction to Vasilakis’ composition will be shown.

“The video shows the development, evolution, growth and movement of the artwork in line with Niki's performance,” Foord explains. “You won't see me painting as such but rather the artwork building in correlation to the sound and movements of Niki's composition. The final piece will unveil just as the composition ends.”

Foord and Vasilakis are both talented local artists who are globally recognised. Foord was based in Montreal for a year and has been part of group exhibitions in the US and Canada. She will hold a solo exhibition in Hamburg this year. Vasilakis, on the other hand, has performed with some of the finest orchestras in the world and is a former Young South Australian of the Year and is the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Youth Patron. The two have been friends since school.

“We have followed each other’s careers and been friends for years,” Foord explains, “but Sensorial is not just a premiere Fringe event it is also our first time collaborating on a show together.”

Having always wanted to work together the pair decided to collaborate last year when they realised they would both be in Adelaide for the 2013 Fringe. They decided to create a work that would respond to Vasilakis’ music.

“Art and music have so much in common,” Foord explains. “You can feel both art forms with such depth. Niki visualises her music as she plays it and likewise I visualise colours as I hear it - it's a perfect match. Through Sensorial we seek to create art that is heard and music that is seen; an emergence of both art forms crossing over the other and becoming one and the same.”

Foord says Vasilakis has created an emotional and expressive composition that is influenced by nature as well as modern culture. Foord says her work went to new places when creating to the music, .

“Obviously my head space, mood and environment have an influence on the artwork too. Each day the style would change, if only slightly, or in quite a bold contrast.”

Sensorial will be performed at the new Magill Road Fringe space, The Alley, which is a warehouse that has been transformed into a Fringe venue.

“Each show will be a two-hour experience with the main event Sensorial taking place at its core,” Foord says. “Pre and post entertainment includes a magician, a jazz quartet, soul singer and video artist with events varying on each show night. With a garden, stage, gallery space and outdoor bar, Fringe goers will have much to experience.”

As a bonus, Foord says her Sensorial work will be for sale.

“The final work will be exhibited with a selection of other original artworks created in direct response to the Sensorial sounds. All works will be available for sale.”

The Alley
46 Magill Road, Norwood
Every Friday at 8pm from Friday, February 15 to Friday, March 15


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