The graduates

The best graduating artists from Adelaide’s three tertiary art institutions will be showcased at Helpmann Academy’s 17th Graduate Exhibition featuring 35 artists from the Adelaide Central School of Art, UniSA’s School of Art, Architecture and Design and the Adelaide College of the Arts.

The unique multi-institution graduate exhibition opens on Friday, February 15 at Torrens Parade’s Drill Hall and features more than $13,000 worth of awards, to be announced on opening night. Art Gallery of South Australia curator Lisa Slade is the opening night speaker and one of the exhibition’s jury members. Slade, who moved to Adelaide from NSW three years ago, opened all three of the tertiary institution’s individual graduate exhibitions last year, and says the Helpmann Academy exhibition is great for the public, as they get to see the work that is being delivered from each of the institutions.

“As much as all of our art institutions are very sophisticated they also have distinct characteristics and I think those things shine through,” Slade says. “If you can call the Adelaide Central School of Art the boutique model, because it’s a smaller scale private model, through to the university model [School of Art, Architecture and Design] and then there is the TAFE model [Adelaide College of the Arts]. I think it’s a great chance for people to see, particularly potential students and their parents, the different offerings because seeing the outcome is a great way to view the strengths of those institutions.”

Slade says just being selected for the exhibition is an honour.

“The awards themselves, some of them are privately driven, which is great but it’s reflective of a private individual, so I think the honour of being selected by your institution is a great one, much more important than being awarded a particular award, I think. That’s my personal take on it.”

One of the exhibiting graduates, Carly Snoswell, says the exposure from the Helpmann is unlike anything else.

“It's a great opportunity to have your work seen by such a large majority of the arts community, both local and interstate. When people remember your work after seeing it in an exhibition like this, they will often keep you in mind for other opportunities that come along. It also very satisfying, after spending all that time at uni on one project, to be able to exhibit it again, and unlike the university grad show, we've all now had a bit of time to relax and can really appreciate the result of all our hard work.”

Snoswell’s colourful work was created using plastic loop ties.

“I began joining them end to end, creating one long unending trail of ties.  As the length of the loop ties grew, they began to tangle and create a form of their own. The loop ties would wildly spread across the floor and in an attempt to contain them I simply bundled or wrapped them up. This was an automatic response to how the materials were behaving, and as a result became a subsequent gesture to the initial action. Through this worked I aimed to display the materials intentions along with intuitive process to display a never-ending cycle, and a constant state of making.”

Photographer Hailey Lane, who graduated from the University of South Australia last year, will showcase her unique nature photographs from her collections A Tale of Two Peripheries and Dreamers.

“Once I started my degree in 2010, my understanding of the natural world changed; I began to look at landscape as more emotional than physical,” Lane says of her work. “This opened up a whole new creative world for me, and I developed a practice based on my relationship with the natural world around me; instead of taking beautiful pictures of nature, I began telling stories through my images. My works are inspired by the Romantic landscape tradition of the 19th century, where my interest lies in the physical and psychological contemplation of the sublime in nature. I seek to incite awe, wonder and emotion from scenes of splendour and destruction.”

Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2013
Friday, February 15 to Sunday, March 10
Drill Hall, Torrens Parade Ground


Carly Snoswell, Untitled (edit)

Hailey Lane, Our Last Days Together (edit)

Hailey Lane, Fever Dreamer (edit)


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