The Necks are returning to Adelaide

Australia’s acclaimed The Necks, labelled as one of the “greatest bands in the world” by The New York Times, are returning to Adelaide, playing the Governor Hindmarsh on Sunday, February 3.

The three-piece band - Chris Abrahams (piano), Lloyd Swanton (bass) and Tony Buck (drums/percussion) – is famous for its breathtaking, hypnotic live sets that build a wall of sound by mixing jazz, minimal, ambient and experimental sounds. They toured Europe to acclaim twice last year and count Brian Eno and Nick Cave amongst their fans.

The Necks released their first album Sex in 1989 and have released 15 albums since then including Aether and 2011’s Mindset. But it is their unpredictable live shows, where no two sets are ever the same, which has made them famous and seen them perform at venues such as the Sydney Opera House, London’s The Barbican and New York’s Roulette. Drummer Tony Buck on their celebrated live shows: "It's important that we don't know where the music is going to go.”

“By the time we're well into a piece, it's really hard to imagine even how it got there from where it started," bassist Lloyd Swanton continues. “There’s a state I reach while playing with The Necks, of complete emptiness, where the music is flowing through you and you just have no sense of self at all. I think that's probably a fantastic state for people to listen to you in. It's certainly a great state to be in.”

The Necks plays the Governor Hindmarsh on Sunday, February 3



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