Unsound Adelaide program change

The Adelaide Festival’s three-night experimental electronic music event Unsound Adelaide has added three new acts to replace Emeralds, V/VM and The Caretaker.

Canada’s king of dark ambient sounds Tim Hecker, who was already part of the line-up to perform with Daniel Lopatin, will now perform a solo show. Hecker will be joined by two new additions, Hype Williams and Raime. These acts will replace Emeralds, who recently broke up, and the two James Leyland Kirby projects, V/VM and The Caretaker, as Kirby isn’t able to make it to Australia.

Tim Hecker is one of ambient’s most recognisable names while Hype Williams, named after the video director of the same name, were called the missing link between Aphex Twin and Ariel Pink by The Guardian. The UK duo make beautiful lo-fi electronic music which mixes hip hop influences with a UK flavor.

The final replacement act is Raime, a modern industrial UK act influenced by Detroit techno, Warp atmospherics and UK bass.

The three new additions join Lustmord, Actress, Ben Frost and more as part of Unsound Adelaide. The full line-up for the Queen’s Theatre three-night event is below.

Unsound Adelaide Line-Up:

Thursday, March 
14: Tim Hecker (Canada) & Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) (USA),
 Robin Fox (Australia), 
Raime (UK), 
Trinity: Biosphere (Norway), Lustmord (UK/USA) and MFO (Germany)

Friday, March15: Tim Hecker (Canada)
, Actress (UK) and 
Hype Williams (UK)

Saturday, March 16: 
Lustmord (Solo) (UK/US), 
Demdike Stare with Zephyr Quartet & Friends (UK, Australia), 
Pole (Germany) and 
Ben Frost (solo) (Australia, Iceland)

Unsound Adelaide is to be held at Queen’s Theatre, Playhouse Lane. Tickets are $49 each or $120 for all three shows.





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