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Amanda Duthie and Sophie Black

In 2013 the Adelaide Film Festival moves to October, partnering with the Adelaide Festival of Ideas. In charge of this sibling experiment are two women accustomed to being at the forefront of national ideas and entertainment: Amanda Duthie and Sophie Black.



Earth Perfect?

A couple of years ago Annette Giesecke, the Professor of Classics and Chair of Ancient Greek Studies at the University of Delaware asked if I’d contribute to a project entitled Earth Perfect? Nature, Utopia & the Garden. The concepts of both a Paradise lost and the promise of a Paradise to be regained are part of our psyche.

Freedom of Religion

third age

Someone at the Door

Freedom of religion, or to be without religion, is basic to equality and peaceful interaction in a modern nation.


food and drink

Food For Thought: Lamb

A truly sustainable, or even regenerative, farming model is in practice and the stress-free sheep are producing some of the country’s best lamb.



Review: In Bob We Trust

In 2009, Father Bob Maguire, known affectionately as Father Bob, announced that after 50 years of service to the Roman Catholic Church, Archbishop Denis J. Hart had ‘invited’ him to retire as priest of the Saints Peter and Paul Parish in South Melbourne, Victoria.


food and drink

2011 Vintage

In conjunction with The Adelaide Review, Wine Direct have created an exclusive 6 pack for the Review Wine Club that feature some of the best 2011 has to offer.