Book Review: Bloodtree River

An idyllic mountainside town reels from the disappearance of several women, as a lone detective attempts to find the truth. But Twin Peaks this ain’t.

The setting is magnificent: a riding-hiking resort amid the Tasmanian mountains. The place is idyllic, the staff are friendly to newcomers to this isolated spot; the tucker is to die for; and even the horses seem amiably forgiving of greenhorns. However, Detective ‘Indi’ O’Meara is among the staff working undercover.

Four women have disappeared in the area and the latest one is the daughter of a NSW senator. Chief suspect is the handsome, disturbingly changeable but very engaging Logan Atherton.

The idyllic Calico Mountain Lodge increasingly has a strange atmosphere and what is worse Indi is in danger of falling in love with the chief suspect! The Lodge may be more dangerous than idyllic.

This is not the first appearance of Detective O’Meara – new readers are likely to seek out the others!

Author: Sarah Barrie
Publisher: KHQ Fiction

Bloodtree River by Sarah Barrie cover
Bloodtree River by Sarah Barrie cover

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