Book Review: Sleeper 13

Sleeper 13 presents a thrill-ride of a story where one member of a 13-strong terrorist cell is turned against his comrades.

Aydin is living as Talatashar (the arabic word for 13), a name forced on him when, aged nine, his father abducted him from his London home and surrendered him into the clutches of the Teacher.

This cruel man spent the following years brutalising and training a class of thirteen highly skilled terrorists in a special ‘school’ in Afghanistan. Their ultimate mission is a simultaneous terror attack on several European cities.

From the beginning Aydin is helpless but covertly resistant. When he discovers his twin sister, an English charity worker in Aleppo, has died in a terrorist attack, he turns rogue. All his ‘brothers’ are in position. Aydin himself is in Paris where, in his fury, he kills his ‘minder’ and heads off to revenge himself by destroying those who now will be hunting him.

Meanwhile Rachel Cox, a MI6 operative in Aleppo, has got wind of the thirteen sleepers and deduces that a massive strike is impending. Her superiors are unconvinced.

Can these two unlikely and unwitting sharers of the same objective defuse a terrifying conspiracy? Read on!

Author: Rob Sinclair
Publisher: Orion

Adelaide In-depth

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