Book Review: The Crow Eaters

An outsider’s travelogue exploring the small towns and back roads of the South Australia, The Crow Eaters seeks to unearth the stories and characters that lie beneath the surface.

In The Crow Eaters, journalist and travel writer Ben Stubbs looks to find out what makes South Australia unique. Having lived on the east coast for most of his life, Stubbs brings an outsider’s eye as he traverses the state, from Maralinga to Kangaroo Island, Coober Pedy to Mount Gambier, Elizabeth to Somerton Park.

Stubbs is obviously deeply fond of the state, capturing a cross-section of voices from each region as he admirably and adventurously follows the lead of those he meets along the way, providing the reader with well-researched historical context.

Unfortunately, however, The Crow Eaters often reads more like a travel diary with Stubbs’s voice overpowering those he wishes to celebrate.

Author: Ben Stubbs
Publisher: NewSouth

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