Book Review: The Killing Habit

This is the 15th police procedural novel featuring DI Thorne by multi-award winning Mark Billingham and it is just as good as one I reviewed years ago.

I cannot think why I have ignored him since. This shall be remedied.

Somebody is killing cats nastily in a wide area of Greater London – a crime associated with serial killers. When DI Nicola Tanner trawls for unsolved female homicides sure enough a sinister pattern emerges.

Already involved with another very disquieting murder case Tanner does not need at least three more serial killer murders.

However, Thorne and Tanner’s intertwining investigation of what are two unconnected sets of killings is enthralling.

Characterisation vivid, plotting outstanding.

Author: Mark Billingham
Publisher: Little Brown (Sphere)

Adelaide In-depth

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