Book Review: The Thirst

Yes readers, he is back. The drunken, own-worst-enemy (despite a shed-full of other enemies), scandal-ridden detective of genius, Harry Hole, is on the hunt.

Not only surprisingly alive, Harry is eerily respectable: off the booze, teaching homicide investigation at the Oslo Police College, and happily living again with wife Rakel – but trouble hunts him.

A blood-drinking killer who bites women to death with iron teeth is prowling the Oslo nights. Police Chief Bellman is in for Minister of Justice but… a vampire? Bellman’s only hope is the man he hates most.

Soon Harry is doing what he does best: spotting the reality behind the grisly details.

The ‘vampire’ is sending Harry a message: “Come and play!” Out of 10 serial killers successfully identified, Harry must once again hunt the only one that got away.

Author: Jo Nesbo
Publisher: Vintage

Adelaide In-depth

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