Book Review: Wedding Puzzle

Sallie Muirden’s first Australian narrative, an intriguing tale loosely based on the author’s experience of growing up in post- 1970s Victoria, departs from her three previous novels grounded in European culture.

Beth Shaw, verging on her mid 20s, is cruising down the Mornington Peninsula. She is about to get married to Jordan, a hot catch, but the discovery of a tactless note by her rival Tracy will spin Beth into tormenting speculations and unravel stories of her childhood and adolescence.

While these ruminative thoughts lend themselves to psychoanalytical investigation thriving on fertile psychosexual terrain, their what-if nature teasing out imaginative possibilities quintessentially encapsulate what novels are made of and what they trigger — emotionally charged cognitive gymnastics.

Author: Sallie Muirden
Publisher: Transit Lounge

Wedding Puzzle by Sallie Muirden
Transit Lounge

Adelaide In-depth

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