Chrissie Swan – Is It Just Me?

Chrissie Swan / Nero

Chrissie Swan / Nero Chrissie Swan - Is It Just Me book cover Broadcaster, TV host, and columnist in Fairfax’s Sunday Life magazine, bubbly and outspoken Chrissie Swan is one of Australia’s busiest and most adored working mums. Often touted as a woman who “has it all”, this delightful compendium of Chrissie’s columns candidly explores what this actually means, while suggesting that any such a concept is “a load of rubbish”. Comfortable with the fact that her private life is far from a perfect balancing act, she humorously reveals her attempts to juggle work, kids, housework, fitness and healthy eating in a daily routine that is variously “busy and disappointing… joyful and crazy and rewarding and funny – it’s the same as your life”. Refusing to take herself too seriously, she rates “having a guffaw very highly on her daily to-do-list”, just as she relishes the moments when something embarrassing happens to her. Openly guilty of what some people would call “over-sharing”, for Chrissie there’s no such thing; nothing is off limits, and it is this endearing openness that is sure to resonate with women everywhere. Embracing life with optimistic abandon, she discovers that in fact what women really want is remarkably simple: “Actors, Mars Bars and bears”, and here we all were thinking this is a complex question!

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