Fight Like a Girl: Clementine Ford to Speak at Hawke Centre

Popular columnist, writer and feminist Clementine Ford will launch her debut novel, sign copies of the book and speak with Lou Heinrich at the Hawke Centre on Tuesday, October 18.

The former Adelaidean has risen to national and occasional international prominence for her unapologetic views on feminism, normalised misogyny and equality. Writing columns in The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, Ford frequently comes under attack for her work, and frequently exposes online abuse through social media. Fight Like a Girl is billed as a “call to arms for feminists new, old and as yet unrealised” in which the outspoken feminist details the litany of ways women are marginalised and abused on today’s society and recount her own struggles with anxiety, anorexia and hate mail. It will seek to awaken the anger and determination that propelled feminist movements of the past, and show women that there is much more work to be done for equality. clementine-ford-fight-like-girl-adelaide-review “A friend recently told me that the things I write are powerful for her because they have the effect of making her feel angry instead of just empty,” Ford said in a statement attached to publicity for the novel. “I want to do this for all women and young girls – to take the emptiness and numbness they feel about being a girl in this world and turn it into rage and power. I want to teach all of them how to FIGHT LIKE A GIRL.” The free Meet the Author session will be hosted by the Hawke Centre in conjunction with Matilda Bookshop and the University of South Australia. Registration is essential to get a ticket. Meet the Author: Clementine Ford 6:15pm, Tuesday, October 18 Allan Scott Auditorium Register at

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