Hannah Kent To Launch The Good People at Elder Hall

Hannah Kent will appear at Elder Hall on Wednesday, October 12 for a launch, public talk and book signing of her second novel The Good People.

The launch of Kent’s second novel is already a highly anticipated event, with her first book Burial Rites already a massive global success. It has won, or been shortlisted for 18 awards and translated into 30 languages. Having grown up in the Adelaide Hills, Kent launched Burial Rites at her local bookshop in Stirling, the Matilda Bookshop. So it is that Kent stays true to her roots with this second launch also be sponsored by Matilda Bookshop, though with a considerably larger venue owing to Kent’s success. “Hannah is a local to the Adelaide Hills, so it has always been her bookshop,” Matilda’s acting manager Molly Murn tells The Adelaide Review. “We put on the first event, and we were very keen to put on the second, and Hannah was as well, so it worked out nicely.” hannah-kent-the-good-people-launch-adelaide-review Kent’s appearance at Elder Hall will include an in-conversation session with another young local Adelaide writer, Rebekah Clarkson, as well as a book signing. The Good People is be set in 1825 in “a remote Irish valley lying between the mountains and Flesk river of Killarney” where “three women are brought together by strange and troubling events,” and ties in a similar thread of supernatural folklore to Burial Rites, with the valley’s superstitious belief in changelings. More detail on the new novel can be found here. Not wanting to spoil The Good People with errant plot points, Murn says readers should expect a different story to Burial Rites. “People are in for a bit of a surprise on that front, I think.” Meet the Author: Hannah Kent Elder Hall Wednesday, October 12 Tickets available via trybooking.com

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