Special screening of The Dish to broadcast at the drive-in

Hot on the heels of the wildly successful re-screening of The Castle in October, Adelaide is about to feature a big-screen showing of Rob Sitch’s other cinematic outing, The Dish.

The Australian cinema favourite —which, come to think of it, actually stars a Kiwi (Sam Neill) and an American (Patrick Warburton) — tells the semi-fictionalised story of our nation’s role in telecasting the moon-landing. It will screen at a suitably retro venue: the Wallis Cinema Mainline Drive-In at Gepps Cross.

The screening will take place as a part of ‘Arthur’s Movie Night’ on Thursday, November 29. The event is being organised by ABC Radio Adelaide, in celebration of an eponymous local man who owns over a thousand VHS tapes. The Dish was chosen after a public vote, despite reports of a late surge of support for Singing in the Rain:

“It’s been years since I’ve been to the drive-in, and even longer since I’ve seen The Dish,” ABC Breakfast presenter Ali Clarke tells The Adelaide Review. She’ll be in attendance with Mornings presenter David Bevan and is, she says, “really looking forward to a night of nostalgia”.

Evenings Show presenter and arts personality Peter Goers will also be in attendance, broadcasting the entirety of his three-hour show live from the candy bar. “For the first time ever,” he tells us, “I’ll be able to broadcast holding a Chiko Roll.”

The Dish, part of ABC Radio Adelaide’s Arthur’s Movie Night, screens at the Wallis Cinema Mainline Drive-In on Thursday, November 29 at 7pm. Interested persons can apply for tickets at the ABC’s website.

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