Transitions Film Festival Announces 2016 Line-up

Transitions Film Festival is set to return to Adelaide this May with a line-up of 14 feature documentaries looking at themes of discovery, innovation and transformation in a quickly changing world.

Transitions Film Festival Director Sam Manger said, “This year’s collection of documentaries is truly a diverse range of engaging and emotive films aimed at creating discussion around the core environmental and social issues facing today’s populations.” This year’s screenings will take place at Mercury Cinema, Gawler Cinema and Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga, where a special free outdoor screening will take place for the first time. “We are excited to bring a first to the Adelaide Transitions Film Festival: a free outdoor screening to be hosted on Friday May 27 in Victoria Square/ Tarntanyangga,” said Manger. Transitions-Film-Festival-Adelaide-Review-Ice-and-Sky-(1) The topics of the documentaries are centred on modern economics, the consequences of climate change, farming and food innovations as well as a broader examination of what it means to be human. Key highlights of the festival are expected to include Ice and Sky, which charts the journey of Antarctic explorer and scientist Claude Lorius and how his research into ice core drilling helped establish a scientific basis to prove climate change, and Racing Extinction, from Oscar-winning director of The Cove Louie Psihoyos, that seeks to demonstrate the perils of mass extinctions. Transitions-Film-Festival-Adelaide-Review-Two-Raging-Grannies Further festival highlights to keep an eye out for will be 10 Billion What’s On Your Plate, a film examining the bourgening future of food production and security amid a booming global population, Bikes Vs Cars, the story of the battle for supremacy in the future of urban transportation, and Two Raging Grannies, a tale of two cantankerous women seeking answers to crucial questions. With a range of films from all over the world taking centre-stage, Transitions Film Festival will also be showing local short film Gaia in its free Victoria Square/Trantanyangga screening. From local filmmaker Nick Graalman and dancer Erin Fowler, Gaia tells the story of Mother Earth’s fight for survival amid Earth’s increasing pollution and degradation through dance. Transitions Film Festival Mercury Cinema, Gawler Cinema, Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga Friday, May 20 until Sunday, May 29  

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