Madison Bycroft wins SALA’s inaugural UnitCare Services Moving Image Award

Today, it has been announced that young artist Madison Bycroft has won SALA Festival’s inaugural UnitCare Services Moving Image Award.

Over the past 12 months, Madison Bycroft has been awarded the 2013 Fleurieu Youth Sculpture Commission, completed a residency at the Nars Foundation in New York, and worked on her Masters of Visual Arts at Piet Zwart in Rotterdam, thanks to the 2014 Samstag scholarship. Today, it has been announced that Bycroft has won SALA Festival’s inaugural UnitCare Services Moving Image Award. Bycroft’s multi-media work Synonyms for Savages, exhibited as part of this year’s SALA festival at the australian experimental art foundation (aeaf), was the award-winning piece. The monetary award is worth $5000. Bycroft’s work – sculpture, video and performance installations – deals with dichotomies of materialism and idealism, as well as transition. In a statement following the announcement, Bycroft said, “I am incredibly honoured to receive this award, and encouraged that there are people and organisations so devoted to supporting artists like myself. “The videos from my recent show at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation are the products of hard work and commitment, and it means so much to have my efforts recognised in this way. I’d like to extend sincerest thanks to UnitCare Services and also congratulate the other finalists.” Artists who were shortlisted for the award include Amanda Phillips and Alexander Waite Mitchell, Bridgette Minuzzo, Illuminart and Sam Oster. Bycroft’s win is the final act of SALA 2014. Over 500,000 people attended 547 exhibitions throughout the month. 4,627 artists took part.

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