Review: Vignettes

Holden Street Theatres – The Box, Sunday, February 16

Barefoot and wild-haired, cellist David Rose shared his impressions of some moments in time. Intimate and relaxed, he introduced each piece with the story of their creation, and we were given a window into outback desert experiences, lazy Sunday afternoons and watching the News. Connected to a looping pedal, his Cello resounded with up to six simultaneous layers of hauntingly beautiful music. While recording layers of sound using the bow, pizzicato and percussion (tapping and scratching on the bridge of the cello), David played a melody over the top with exquisite timing. He was so ‘at one’ with his instrument; we could see the red landscape at Kunjarra in The Pebbles, hear The Carousel, and feel his anger in The Mongers of War. Original, modern and totally absorbing. Rating: **** Vignettes continues at various venues until Tuesday, March 6 *This review also appears on Rip It Up

Adelaide In-depth

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