Sia Furler Institute Opens at University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide today announced the launch of a new contemporary music and media institute, named after Adelaide-born and internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Sia Furler.

The Sia Furler Institute for Contemporary Music and Media is housed at the University’s Elder Conservatorium of Music, and is expected to add a more contemporary dimension to the Conservatorium’s offering. The centre is geared to prepare students for careers in contemporary music and composition, as well as film, digital media, sound engineering and other emerging musical technologies. At the Institute, students will guided by experienced artists, academics and technicians, while masterclasses, student performances and short-courses will be open to the general public. Professor Graeme Koehne, Director of the Elder Conservatorium said of Furler, “As a performer and songwriter, and one whose creativity extends equally to video and digital media, Sia has become an inspiration to young artists the world over – and it’s that talent we aim to foster through our new Institute.” In a video message filmed from Los Angeles, Sia Furler said that the naming of the institute was “an incredible honour” and “very exciting and humbling.” Premier Jay Weatherill said at the Institute’s launch that he wants Adelaide “to stand along cities like Austin where music and technology come together in a way that fosters innovation, and creates opportunities for young people.” Sia-Furler-Institute-Adelaide-University-contemporary-music-performance-elder-conservatorium-music Furler, more commonly referred to by her stage name Sia, has reached global stardom in her musical career having penned tracks for singers like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Celine Dion, as well as releasing her own highly acclaimed records including 1000 Forms of Fear. University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor, Professor Warren Bebbington said in a press release, “In recognition of Sia’s international fame – and in keeping with her unique approach to music – we have established this new Institute as an environment in which contemporary music and media can flourish together.”

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