The Avalanches Announce National Tour, Ponder New Record

Hot off the back of their long-awaited second album release, The Avalanches will tour to three Australian cities in 2017 as sideshows to their Falls Festival appearances.

Three shows have been announced thus far, with performances at the the Melbourne Town Hall on January 3, Sydney’s Enmore Theatre on January 5 and the Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide on January 7.

Grandmaster Flash will support the group in Sydney and Melbourne, while Bad/Dreems will fill the support slot in Adelaide. Details of the tour came out in an interview with Fairfax yesterday, where the band discussed their history and plans for the future. In a boon for fans, the group said that Wildflower was designed to be played live, and that they are excited to get out and tour.

“We really want to play live. Our motivation for so many years while making this record was how fun it would be to perform it, instead of sitting in a room looking at each other,” one half of the group, Tony Di Blasi told Fairfax, “We would imagine ourselves having so much fun on tour in Brazil, so we’re still waiting for that to happen.”

The Avalanches’ second album Wildflower comes a full 16 years after the release of their multi-platinum record Since I Left You, which is still one of Australia’s highest selling albums. It has received wide critical acclaim, and is billed as a return to form for the tardy electronic group.

And in news that might surprise devotees of a group which waited a decade and a half to release their second album, Di Blasi says that a third album could only be a couple of years away. “It’s really optimistic, but I think 2018,” Di Blasi said. “It doesn’t have to be this epic journey – we can be lighthearted and reflect on being happier and calmer. We’re excited about making music and I believe we can turn a third album around quickly.”

The Avalanches National Tour Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne Tuesday, January 3 Enmore Theatre, Sydney Thursday, January 5 Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide Saturday, January 7

Presale tickets will go on sale from September 22, and be available to the general public from September 23

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