Bill Bailey to Tour Australia with Larks in Transit

Bill Bailey the celebrated comedian, musician and actor will bring his hilarious ‘Larks in Transit’ to Adelaide this November.

Larks in Transit will look back at Bailey’s past two decades as a touring comic, espousing tales from the road and the general hilarity a man like Bailey encounters. Of course, the show will also be a showcase of Bailey’s enormous musical talent and biting bizarre humour. An artist of many talents, including virtuous musical skill, razor sharp wit, documentaries and strong acting chops, Bailey has dabbled in multiple fields in his storied career. Prior to his rise in popular culture and work in the cult-hit sitcom Black Books, Bailey had toured with experimental theatre groups and played in bands and jazz lounges around Britain. With a knack for appealing to a wide audience through pop culture and music, Bailey also cuts through with his examinations of society, politics, philosophy and the eternal hunt for happiness. His most recent live tours Limboland, Dandelion Mind and Qualmpeddler have earned Bailey universal acclaim, including compliments of odious nature, such as being named “a hobbit with a wicked sense of humour” by The Telegraph. Bailey’s live prowess has even earned him live sets alongside the likes of Metallica at music festivals. Like so many British accomplished comedians (see: John Cleese Michael Palin and Ricky Gervais) Bailey also has a keen interest in the natural world, and producing documentaries around it. Such documentaries have included the self-explanatory Baboons with Bill Bailey and Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero, which was an investigation into the life of Alfred Russel Wallace, a naturalist who developed the theory of evolution in parallel with Charles Darwin, but receives no contemporary credit. Bailey’s exploration of the political, philosophical, musical and natural worlds are sure to make up much of the meat and bones of ‘Larks in Transit’ Larks in Transit with Bill Bailey Adelaide Entetrainment Centre Monday, November 7      

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