Fringe Review: FLIGHT

FLIGHT is an audio-sensory experience not suited for those who already fear flying. But for everyone else, it’s a Fringe show like no other.

Set in an airplane cabin recreated inside a shipping container, FLIGHT invites audiences to behave as they would normally when boarding a flight. There are overhead lockers, uncomfortable seats and not quite enough leg room, typical of your average commercial flight. However, once the process of boarding is complete, the ‘passengers’ are shrouded in complete darkness, wearing headphones as the audio-sensory experience begins. Voices whisper into each ear, telling passengers conflicting messages as to the reason they are really boarding the flight.

FLIGHT takes an everyday activity and turns it into a spine-tingling experience full of fear and apprehension. Though many are already ambivalent about air travel, FLIGHT enhances this fear using a hyper-realistic setting and all-too-familiar sounds including wailing infants, seatbelt signs being turned on and off and the captain making announcements over the PA system. Though left in complete darkness, the audience is made completely aware of their surroundings with macabre in-flight entertainment and movement mimicking the take-off and landing feeling of a plane.

FLIGHT is an entertaining, nerve-wracking 30 minute Fringe show perfect for anyone in need of a break from theatre and comedy. Though it sometimes gets lost in the existential message it tries to convey, the show still provides a unique and memorable experience. Although not suited for anyone with an intense fear of flying or suffering from claustrophobia, FLIGHT expertly plays on the latent fears shared by much of the population, making it all the more terrifying – and intriguing.

FLIGHT is a stand-out addition to this year’s Fringe, proving that the glitz and glam associated with festival season isn’t always the most entertaining.

FLIGHT was performed at the Garden of Unearthly Delights on Sunday, March 11

February 15 – March 17
Garden of Unearthly Delights

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