Professor Brian Cox to Tour Australia with Journey Into Deep Space

Acclaimed physicist and television presenter, Professor Brian Cox will tour Australia this August with his new stage show, Professor Brian Cox – A Journey into Deep Space.

As with most of Cox’s work, the new show aims to entertainingly ask the big questions of science and explain the intricacies of our “golden age of discovery,” where we have proven the existence of the Higgs Boson, detected gravitational waves and have credible theories regarding the universe’s very beginnings. “We know vastly more about the universe at a fundamental level than we did a decade ago, and the universe is turning out to be stranger and more fascinating than we could have imagined,” said Professor Cox. “In this tour I will describe these recent discoveries, and discuss what they mean for our understanding of the universe, its origin and evolution,” Cox added. “But I also want to discuss how we could possibly know such things.” Playing the Adelaide Festival Centre Theatre on August 6, Cox will be joined in this entertaining endeavour by Robin Ince, the British comedian, writer and co-host of The Inifinity Monkey Cage. Tickets will go on sale as of 9am, Monday, May 9, and range between $80 to $195.


MELBOURNE Friday, August 5 The Plenary, MCEC BRISBANE Saturday,August 6 The Great Hall, BCEC CANBERRA Tuesday, August 9 Canberra Theatre Centre SYDNEY Thursday, August 11 State Theatre ADELAIDE Tuesday, August 16 Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre PERTH Thursday, August 18 Riverside Theatre, PCEC

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