Restless Dancers Direct in Debut 5

Restless Dance’s Debut 5 will showcase the next generation of the dance company’s talent and is an apt way to end their 25th anniversary year.

Debut 5 is the fifth installment of Debut – the dancers direct, and, since 2008, Restless has presented 17 works directed by artists with disability. There will be five new pieces presented as part of Debut 5 in late October with Restless Dance’s artistic director Michelle Ryan saying that she believes “Restless plays an important role in nurturing, guiding and supporting our artists”.

“The high quality work we produce is reflected in the high calibre external artists the company attracts,” Ryan says. “Our wonderful directors James Bull, Josh Campton, Chris Dyke, Jianna Georgiou and Rachel High are mentored by leading industry professionals Nadia Cusimano, Gina Rings, Larissa McGowan, Peter Sheedy and Lisa Heaven.

“The production will consist of five unique, real, raw and uninhibited new works,” she says. “There is an eclectic range of ideas from a beach setting through to the bygone age of the 1950s with stops along the way with magical romance, a tragic drowning, the adrenalin of a car race to the beauty of Australia’s unique birdlife. All are created with love, integrity and a touch of humour.”

Ryan says the “boldness of the directors” continues to amaze her. She says the professional mentors act as sounding boards for the directors.

“They gently guide and assist with everything from task and rehearsal development including music choices to the craft of creating a new work,” she says. “It is imperative that the relationship between director and mentor is underpinned by trust and respect. All the mentors are experienced in their own practice, which allows them to leave their egos at the door and focus on supporting the emerging directors.”

Restless Dance: Debut 5
Restless Dance Theatre Studio
Thursday, October 20 to Saturday, October 29

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