Review: Agamemnon

The Bunker, Sunday, February 16

Judging by this intense and intimate reimagining of Ancient Greek legend Agamemnon, The Bunker Trilogy is a must-attend triple-header. Presented by UK wunderkind Jethro Compton, Agamemnon is one of three classic texts transported to the trenches of World War I at converted city venue The Bunker, which, as the name suggests, is decked out as a WWI trench (including the bar area) to host the trilogy. You are embedded with the actors as two rows of benches surround the action. The drama arrests immediately – a soldier sits glaring at the floor as you take your seat before a wounded officer (Agamemnon) screams in. His shrieks of agony metres away are powerful and distressing. Things calm, as the soldiers connect via bottles of rum. Agamemnon drifts in and out of consciousness and dreams of his wife back home, who is planning to murder him upon his return for his family betrayal to find glory in war. Moving, raucous and unforgettable, Agamemnon is Fringe theatre at its finest. Rating: ****1/2 Agamemnon continues at The Bunker until Sunday, March 16 *This review also appears on Rip It Up

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