Review: The Well (Redux)

Tandanya – Firefly, Sunday, February 16

The apocalypse as Earth’s magnetosphere collapses, mythology, gods, angels and the plain man, all interact in this surrealist theatre piece, where time moves both forwards and backwards and the audience is welcomed to join in much of the action. It isn’t quite an Ionesco masterpiece, but there is a lot of interest and promise in the both the writing and the ideas presented as well as some off-beat humour. The play is performed in an engaging manner that draws the audience in (and you’ll be taken by the hand and guided in at times). The set, props and costume are minimal, but sufficient to allow the imagination to fly. As well as surrealist elements, there is considerable audience psychology on display and plenty of risks taken in how audience members become part of the play and of the narrative – well-executed improv to keep things on edge! Rating: ***1/2 The Well (Redux) continues at Tandanya – Firefly until Saturday, March 1 *This review also appears on Rip It Up

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