Review: Zephyr Quartet – Between Light

Some will say Zephyr Quartet – Between Light as a musical performance accompanied by a great light show, and others will say it’s the other way around.

In truth, the performance is a wonderful marriage of light and sound. Reminiscent of Adelaide Festival’s Unsound program in its exploration of old, cavernous spaces, Between Light goes further (perhaps to even outdo much of what Unsound has brought to Adelaide). The chilly Waterside Worker’s Hall is the perfect venue for a performance such as this, and the audience is guided through myriad spaces as the show goes on, each with its own particular character creeping into the music. Zephyr-Quartet-Between-Light-adelaide-review Zephyr Quartet are sublime in their playing too. Five thoroughly original pieces from Australian composers Lyndon Gray, Stephen Magnusson, Tony Gould, Andrea Keller and Matt Keegan are as experimental as each other and beautifully brought into life by the group. As the show goes on the audience is pulled into states of anticipation, ecstasy and even fear. Geoff Cobham’s lighting design fits perfectly with the sound, and the work of technicians Chris Petridis, Lachlan Turner and Alexander Ramsay in its execution must be applauded. Zephyr-Quartet-Between-Light-adelaide-review The obvious associations of foreboding music with red tones, blue light with peace etc are quickly explored and jettisoned for a truly magnificent adventure into the colour spectrum that takes the audience into visions of a grand scale to the tiny twitching detail of a microscope’s view. Guests should expect to be thrown through a gamut of emotion by this “conversation between light and sound”. Whether it is fingers of light reaching out between our excellent musicians, hypnotising other-worldly shapes creeping off the wall , or the tip of a violinist’s bow kissing the recreation of a cloud filled sky, Between Light is all-consuming. 4.5 stars Zephyr Quartet – Between Light continues at the Waterside Worker’s Hall until Sunday, July 3. Read more: Zephyr Quartet Moves Between Light and Darkness Photos: Heath Britton

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