Well Made: Clare Belfrage

I recently read about a 75-year study that found the key to happiness is strong relationships – that those who are socially connected and feel they can count on their friends, family and communities are happier and healthier.

Adelaide-based glass artist Clare Belfrage considers maintaining strong connections with the arts community an important part of her practice and enjoys both the professional and personal benefits that come from doing so. A founding member of Blue Pony studios, she also notes the high calibre of work produced in South Australia and the finely attuned sensitivity and sensibility of our creative practitioners doesn’t happen in isolation. Well Made is a new platform designed to publicise and promote this community. One of South Australia’s most distinguished glass artists, Belfrage will be profiled on the site. Having worked with glass for over 25 years, Belfrage has an internationally renowned practice and is recognised for producing finely crafted, organic forms featuring detailed line work. Despite mastering the complex, labour intensive technique of drawing with glass, Belfrage’s primary interest is not uniformity through precision. Rather, inspired by the natural world, she uses repetition to create pattern and rhythm expressive of life, growth and the passage of time. While establishing and maintaining an independent practice has long been Belfrage’s primary focus, she has also been active in the arts community in roles such as running the glass program at the University of South Australia where she worked from 1996 to 2000. Most recently, Belfrage returned to South Australia after five years in the pivotal role of Creative Director at the Canberra Glassworks. Since returning to Adelaide Belfrage has, among other things, focussed on re–establishing a presence in the local community. Her interest in being part of Well Made was, in part, motivated by this desire. Profiling South Australia’s best artists, craftspeople and designers as well as creative spaces and supporters, the platform will provide a new environment through which to explore the local creative landscape while supporting this rich, dynamic community. Well Made is an initiative of Guildhouse. wellmade.com.au The Adelaide Review is a proud media partner of Well Made.

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