Profile: Jason Sims

Jason Sims is the latest artist to undertake the Guildhouse Collections Project at the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA).

His work uses mirrors, lights and space to create illusions that defy physical possibilities. “I want to emphasise the fluidity of our constructed worlds by creating these illusionary spaces that you can stare into,” Sims says. The idea of the Guildhouse Collections Project is for the selected artist to research the AGSA’s collection and create a work inspired by it to sit in the permanent collection. Sims was fortunate enough to have the project extended to create a number of works currently on show at AGSA, coinciding with the SALA festival this year. “One of the attractions of the Collections Project, apart from having the opportunity to show at the Art Gallery, is the chance to step away from what I usually do,” Sims says. Sims presents three new works inspired by the work of Donald Judd, Frank Hinder and Camille Pissarro. “I wanted to create work that was new and different from what I have been doing,” he says. “It’s different but it shares similar ideas. I see it as being an intersection between the artists I researched and my work, as opposed to something completely new.” The works presented together create an immersive environment for contemplation for the viewer. Sims says: “I want to command the space I am working in. I want to have work that fills it but not have lots of work. Just a few works that consume the space and create an experience for the viewer.” There is a large wall work, a cube on the floor, which is light blue and very cool, and a round, slightly warm work which hangs on the ceiling. The idea is that from a certain angle they look three-dimensional. There is a large mirror placed adjacent to the work so when the viewer looks at the mirror they can see the 3D shape next to them and, in a sense, become part of the artwork. “I want people to walk into the space and see these three forms emanating light and approach each one and look around it and then see the mirror and see that it unfolds something in the work – the form,” he says. Through his work, Sims is exploring ideas around illusion and inviting the audience to question what is real. “I want people to enjoy the works as they are but also enjoy that illusion – or want or desire that illusion to happen – and to conquer what they know to be real.” Jason Sims Art Gallery of South Australia Saturday, July 4 to Sunday, September 27 Jason Sims is represented by Mars Gallery in Melbourne   Images 1. Exhale 2. Spectrum II