Review: Girl Asleep

As Windmill Theatre Co.’s debut film Girl Asleep returns to the stage this adolescent-in-Wonderland fable proves to be more wild fun than any screen could hope …

Film Review: Animals

A freewheeling millennial friendship nears its expiration date in a gorgeously messy second feature from Adelaide director Sophie Hyde.…

Film Review: Downton Abbey

The much-anticipated movie version of ITV’s beloved Downton Abbey series will be considered an untouchable delight for fans, but anyone else will find it almost…

FILM Angel Of Mine

Film Review: Angel of Mine

This American/Australia co-production from Strangerland director Kim Farrant is an occasionally awkward psychodramatic character piece enlivened by an unsettlin…

7 FILM It Chapter Two

Film Review: It Chapter 2

The second epic act of director Andrew Muschietti’s filming of Stephen King’s novel is too long (at 169 minutes) and FX-stuffed, but the cast and their beloved …


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