Samuel L Jackson, James McEvoy and Bruce Willis star in Glass

Film Review: Glass

M Night Shyamalan’s bitterly disappointing trilogy-capper is a flawed tribute to his love of horror, superheroes and his own work.…

6 Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne star in Instant Family

Film Review: Instant Family

Drawn from director Sean Anders’ own personal experiences, this contrived but kind comedy has enough nice performances and earnest laughs to compensate for its …

Wilson performs SQUASH! (Photo: Bryony Jackson)

Championing the art of sport

The worlds of art and sport are often painted as occupying separate or competing ends of Australian culture. Adelaide artist Meg Wilson is shifting the goal pos…

Pick of the Litter film still

Film Review: Pick of the Litter

This modest documentary follows five awfully adorable puppies as they’re trained by the Californian Guide Dogs for the Blind. Yes, it’s very cute.…


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