Win a double pass to see Mid90s

Enter for your chance to win a double pass to see Mid90s.

Exclusive to Palace Nova EASTEND Cinemas.

It’s a time of Walkmans, VCR’s and Boybands. And for some, a time to skateboard.

Though Jonah Hill’s not in it, he’s all over it. There’s something authentically ‘Hill’ here. For his story of five skater boys navigating their antagonistic-at-times friendships in 1990s Los Angeles, he’s decked out his stars in era-specific skatewear, filmed them slacking off in a nostalgically boxy aspect ratio, and given all female characters ‘Rachel’ haircuts. This is indie heaven.

“Mid90s” is like Larry Clark’s 1995 street manifesto “Kids,” but with heart.

Win one of two double passes to see this crazy good film.

Valued at $40 per prize.

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