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Since 1984 The Adelaide Review has been a cherished part of South Australia’s media landscape, offering a free and independent source of news, commentary and analysis, and a vital forum for some of the state’s most important cultural conversations.

In print and online, our broad community of respected contributors and emerging voices have given readers a front row seat to three decades of South Australian politics, arts, food, wine and culture. We’ve been there for the good stories, the hard stories, and the ones that have shaped the city as we know it.

In this particularly challenging time, we’re asking for your support to help us continue telling those stories through the current crisis and beyond. As the media landscape grows ever more concentrated, we know our readers value the role of an independent voice like The Adelaide Review more than ever. Any contribution will help us support our writers and keep the publication – and its invaluable coverage of South Australian culture – going strong.

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Get the latest from The Adelaide Review in your inbox