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Her Story: Inspiring Women in Science

Feb 25 - 10:00 AM - Nov 15 - 5:00 PM

Women have made significant contributions to science throughout history. Her Story: Inspiring Women in Science will celebrate four amazing women who are blazing their own trails and encouraging others to follow in their footsteps. By sharing their stories, these role models inspire the next generation of young women to follow their dreams and careers in science and humanities. The second subject in this four part series is Prof. Tanya Monro, Australia's Chief Defence Scientist, former Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and…

Ramsay Art Prize 2019

May 25 - Aug 25

The Ramsay Art Prize, held every two years, is one of Australia’s richest art prizes – worth $100,000.

Grace Marlow | Artist in Residence

Jul 1 - Aug 30

The Mill welcomes their newest Artist in Residence Grace Marlow as she explores collaboration and participation within her practice, as part of The Mill's Exhibition Space Residency.

AGSA William Kentridge exhibition

William Kentridge: That which we do not remember

Jul 6 - Sep 8

Described as one of the most powerful voices in art today, William Kentridge emerged as an artist during the apartheid regime in South Africa.

SALA Festival – Dadirri: Find The Stream Within

Jul 20 - Sep 8

‘Dadirri: Find The Stream Within’ is a mixed media Indigenous exhibition featuring the above artists whose concept for this exhibition was: “Water is life and is a connection between all of us, no matter what place we come from.

SALA: Julie Frahm – Deep End

Jul 27 - Sep 8

A moment can change your life forever. An installation of jewellery made from recycled glass objects, in the gallery shop window.    

Honor Freeman

SALA Festival – Honor Freeman: Ghost objects

Jul 27 - Sep 30

In this collaboration between Guildhouse and the Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide-based artist Honor Freeman ‘ghosts’ the collection.

SALA: The Art Texture at Pepper Street

Jul 28 - Aug 30

The Art Texture: An exhibition of artworks by more than 30 artists with a textural theme. The experience of this exhibition offers joy, wonder and intrigue across the range of mixed media represented including clay, basketry, jewellery, glass, woodwork, textiles, painting, mosaics, wearable art, sculpture and more.    

SALA Festival – RSASA Portrait Art Prize Exhibition

Jul 28 - Aug 25

Free event. $22,000 prizes. 70 amazing portraits. Official opening 2pm July 28. Portrait demonstrations 11am-1pm July 28, Aug 1, Aug 6, Aug 15, Aug 20.  

SALA Festival – James Folland: Other Homes and Gardens

Jul 30 - 8:00 AM - Aug 30 - 5:00 PM

In this hugely ambitious new exhibition, South Australian art superstar Nicholas Folland imagines a world in which cosy notions of domestic security are thrillingly destabilised. Combining installation with kinetic sculpture, Other Homes and Gardens inverts the idea of the Anthropocene, depicting humankind at the mercy of dangerous and implacable natural forces. Simultaneously uncanny and darkly humours, this never before seen exhibition is not to be missed.

SALA Festival – To see ourselves…

Jul 31 - Aug 31

Hannaford extends the tradition of self-portraiture. For 50 years Dodd has stayed ‘contemporary’, this new installation/self-portrait continues to inspire.

SALA Festival – Extra Virgin

Jul 31 - 8:00 AM - Aug 25 - 5:00 PM

West Gallery Thebarton’s 2019 SALA exhibition presents 14 of South Australia’s most talented and innovative early career artists.  

SALA Festival – Creatures of Art

Aug 1 - Aug 31

As avid supporters of emerging artists, The Colonist Norwood will showcase local artwork by Alessia Facini as part of the 2019 SALA festival.

SALA Festival – touches: Lana Adams

Aug 1 - Aug 31

Neighbouring Gilles Street businesses Ensemble and Sibling will host a pair of exhibitions by artists Lana Adams, Anna Horne and Olivia Kathigitis this August as part of SALA Festival.

SALA Festival – Enthusiasms, Sculpture in Bronze: Tim Thomson

Aug 1 - 8:00 AM - Aug 31 - 5:00 PM

Sculpture in bronze, continuing an exploration of form, texture andcolour, following strands of thought rattling about in my head. An Exhibition in a winery, lovely!  

SALA Festival – Alessia Fassini: Creatures of Art

Aug 1 - 8:00 AM - Aug 31 - 5:00 PM

A kangaroo, a horse, a cow, a dog plus a series of coloured emu’s - all expressive animals from nature. Alessia Faccini, a local Adelaide artist, brings each of the animals' personalities to life in her drawings adorning the walls of the Colonist for SALA in 2019.  

SALA Festival – SALA on Terrace 2019

Aug 1 - 8:00 AM - Aug 31 - 5:00 PM

SALA on Terrace brings together an intimate collection of contemporary striking works by painter Louise Vadasz, glass artists Mel Fraser and Emma Klau joined by ceramicists Angela Walford & Kevin Capaldi.  

SALA Festival – Art From The Heart

Aug 1 - 8:00 AM - Aug 31 - 5:00 PM

We're an innovative group of Barossa Valley artists with varying styles, media and experience - exploring our talents under the tutelage of renowned artist, Ernesto Zollo.  

Like Cures Like

Aug 2 - Sep 27

Samstag Museum of Art is proud to direct timely and important attention to an influential South Australian artist at a pivotal moment in her career.

SALA Festival – Street Art Tours

Aug 3 - Aug 25

Join local street artists Vans the Omega and Jake Holmes for an insider’s guide to Adelaide’s expanding street art scene. Learn more about the artists, their techniques and the stories behind the work.

SALA Festival – Conversations with Friends….

Aug 5 - 8:00 AM - Aug 30 - 5:00 PM

Conversations with Friends presents the work of 24 artists responding to the work and friendship of two significant Australian artists Margaret Preston and Gladys Reynell.

Touchy Subjects

Aug 5 - 10:00 AM - Aug 29 - 2:30 PM

These multi-sensory works go beyond the visual realm, enticing you to experience them in different ways.

Hossein Valamanesh in collaboration with Nassiem Valamanesh, Passing, 2014, 2-channel video projection, 14 minutes, Edition 5 + 2 AP, Collection of Edith Cowan University (Photo: Eva Fernandez)

SALA Festival – Hossein Valamanesh

Aug 8 - Sep 28

As one of South Australia’s most respected visual artists, Hossein Valamanesh’s In Love celebrates the artist’s renowned enigmatic practice, and expands upon his preoccupation with ideas of love, existence and the nature of being.

SALA Festival – Drew Spangenberg: Equipoise

Aug 9 - 8:00 AM - Sep 20 - 5:00 PM

Drew Spangenberg’s blown glasswork is elegant, whimsical and funky. He executes challenging pieces with integrity and confidence. His fine glass vessels compliment each other in careful compositions that harmoniously juxtapose form and colour.

Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year exhibition 2019

Aug 16 - 10:00 AM - Nov 10 - 5:00 PM

The Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition once again celebrates the natural heritage of the Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and New Guinea bioregions in 2019.

SALA Festival – Poles of Art

Aug 22 - Aug 29

View Stobie pole art in the final exhibition held in this space before we relocate to the Newmarch Gallery at 128 Prospect Road  

Art of Islam at Art Gallery of South Australia

No god but God: Art of Islam

Aug 24 - Oct 31

This is the first comprehensive survey of Islam’s extraordinary artistic heritage, spanning a period from the medieval ‘golden age’ of Islam until the contemporary era.

Down Our Garden Path

Aug 24 - Aug 25

Each year the Lilium and Bulb Society of South Australia holds a rare and unusual plant fair at Cornerstone College called "Down our Garden Path". This year we have added a SALA event which is open for public viewing on both days.

Artist Talk Series

Aug 24 - 1:30 PM

Hear from some of South Australia’s most celebrated contemporary artists in this series of free artist talks held at ACE Open, JamFactory and Samstag Museum. 1:30PM Hossein Valamanesh (in conversation with visiting curator Talia Smith), ACE Open 2.30PM Angela Valamanesh (in conversation with curator Margaret Hancock Davis), JamFactory 3.30PM Louise Haselton (in conversation with curator Gillian Brown), Samstag Museum of Art About the artists Hossein Valamanesh / As one of South Australia’s most respected visual artists, Hossein Valamanesh’s In Love celebrates the…


Aug 25 - 2:00 PM

Join JamFactory for an afternoon of food and wine whilst enjoying demonstrations and talks by exhibiting artists.

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