In the May edition of The Adelaide Review, on page 44, columnist Jock Zonfrillo wrote about foraging and eating various fungi including fly agaric, Amanti muscaria.

Zonfrillo stated that he was “eating… pappardelle with fly agaric (amanita;muscaria)…. That is indeed poisonous when eaten raw or dried, however, as I have recently learned, the poisons within are readily soluble in water.” He goes on to say that he has “tried it and it is delicious”. The Adelaide Review does not endorse the above comments in any way. We do not endorse eating fly agaric, as it is poisonous. Zonfrillo wrote earlier in the piece that the “first rule of foraging is more prevalent this season that ever – get the relevant information; read it, read it again” and “go out and observe, where possible, with someone who knows what they’re doing. Ask many questions and then go out and pick yourself some species that you are 100 percent comfortable with identifying.” We agree that when foraging to be 100 percent comfortable and safe with the species you are identifying. However The Adelaide Review strongly opposes our readers experimenting with fly agaric, Amanti muscaria.

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