Explore the Himalayas with Garry Weare

Noted Himalayan adventurer Garry Weare will inspire individuals to hop on the trekking bandwagon with his ‘Himalaya with Garry Weare’ talk at Thor Travel on Wednesday, March 13.

Weare’s passion for adventure began in Kashmir in 1970 when he undertook his first Himalayan trek. A few years later in 1973 the tables turned and he became a leader, taking likeminded trekkers on journeys through the breathtaking Himalayan mountains. With famous British mountaineer Eric Shipton inspiring his desire to travel ;and explore amazing places, Weare has always found the Himalayas to be an intriguing part of the world. “I guess that it was an area of the world that I was fortunate to discover early in my adult life and one that I am still continuously exploring in terms of the mountains and people,” he told The Adelaide Review. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the world’s highest mountains while undertaking an active walking holiday.” Weare will be presenting a full slide show featuring the many trekking and touring options available for travel in Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal, Sikkim and the Indian Himalayas and encourages people to get involved and experience the wonders that these places have to offer. He suggests that people do their research beforehand but places great emphasis on the fact that it isn’t a marathon event. “It can be completed by anyone who has a positive outlook and is prepared to undertake a fitness regime – cycling, swimming, and jogging, for a few months before they head off.” Weare is the author of A Long Walk in the Himalaya, which is an account of the five months he spent as a journeyman from the Ganges to Kashmir. He also authored Lonely Planet’s ‘Trekking in the Indian Himalaya‘, now in its fifth edition. He has featured on ABC TV’s Foreign Correspondent program and is a proud director of the Australian Himalayan Foundation. “After spending so many years working and living in the Himalaya, the Foundation provided an opportunity to put something back,” he said. Himalaya with Garry Weare Wednesday, March 13, 6pm Adelaide
Thor Travel, 22-32 Frome Street Free Seating is limited https://secure.worldexpeditions.com/au/index.php?section=presentations&id=1092065

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