A sustainable edge

Two sustainable local fashion labels have been accepted to showcase their designs at a Paris showcase.

Vege Threads and B GOODS LABEL will have a joint showcase at Who’s Next Trade Fair Paris. There is currently a Pozible Campaign to help raise funds for this exciting opportunity for the two labels behind Open Studio ADL, a workshop, retail and gallery space. Vege Threads’ Amy Roberts tells The Adelaide Review that showing at the Paris fashion fair means she can take Vege Threads to the next level, as for the past three years Roberts has moved the label from offshore to onshore manufacturing (with Ethical Clothing Australia) and is now sourcing locally made fabrics. “Without funding – and starting from the ground up – it hasn’t been easy,” says Roberts. “But with the support from my customers and organisations like Renew Adelaide, the brand has gained great recognition and had local success. Now, I feel like it’s time to look more closely at what I have accomplished and take the next step. “Working side-by-side with Anny Duff of B GOODS LABEL – at our joint venture Open Studio ADL – has enabled us to refocus and think about what we want. That is to showcase South Australian labels – made locally, ethically and with natural, sustainable fabrics and methods – to the world.” Since there are only a few fashion trade fairs available for designers in Australia, Roberts felt it was time to see what was happening on an international level. “Eco fashion is a growing industry here in Australia, but has been established overseas for some time. We wanted to see if what we are doing is recognised at that level, so we took the plunge and applied with a newly designed collaborative range, Vege Threads x B GOODS LABEL. Our application was accepted (these things are tough to get into) and in-turn we are faced with an amazing opportunity.” For the Pozible campaign, Roberts and Duff are asking for $10,000, which, with their own contributions, will get them to the international fair. “Small businesses such as ourselves work tirelessly to make ends meet, but to build growth and momentum for the future you need to take risks. We have put our blood, sweat and tears into building these labels and Anny and I are really proud of what we each have accomplished. Bringing sustainable clothing to SA and creating a hub to connect artists and like minded businesses had now become to backbone of what we do. We feel if we can take this next plunge, it will bring great things for us, ethical and Australian made clothing and also recognition of the industry here in our home state.” vegethreads.com pozible.com/project/199374

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