Art Meets Style in Hair Tapestry for Tiffany Decaux

Local hair stylist Tiffany Decaux perfected the art of hair tapestry to take out the South Australian Hairdresser of the Year gong at the 2016 Australian Hair Fashion Awards.

As one of the biggest and most respected awards in the Australian hair industry, the 2016 Australian Hair Fashion Awards were recently held in Sydney and featured a number of South Australian finalists. The Adelaide Review caught up with Tiffany Decaux after her recent win to find out about the hair tapestry process and the work that went into her winning collection. The newly crowned South Australian Hairdresser of the Year presented her latest collection Neoteric – a series of six looks combining hair with traditional hand-sewn and tapestry techniques – at the awards. Tiffany-Decaux-Hair-Tapestry-Adelaide-Review-boris-hairdress-of-the-year-south-australia-2016 Decaux explains the intricate process. “I’ve been trialling hair tapestry for about a year,” Decaux says. “The first time I tried the technique, it was two weeks of late nights! I had never shot tapestry in a hair collection before so I wanted to take it one step further and shoot it with jumbo hair which was quite a challenge. The other sewing in my collection took a lot of conversation with my mum to work out the best method to achieve it. Tiffany-Decaux-Hair-Tapestry-Adelaide-Review-boris-hairdress-of-the-year-south-australia-2016 “This collection was a huge part of the last six months of my life. It took a lot of planning and sleepless nights but it’s something I’m very proud of – I have printed every photo to hang in my house to look at what I’ve achieved! If I tell you all my secrets about the process it would be like KFC telling the 11 herbs and spices they use!” As senior stylist at Boris the Cuttery (which was designed by Mash and features a fit-out by Interior Pty Ltd), Decaux describes day-to-day life at the Norwood salon. Tiffany-Decaux-Hair-Tapestry-Adelaide-Review-boris-hairdress-of-the-year-south-australia-2016 “From the artwork at the entrance to all the way to the bathroom – it’s just as artistic as the stylists that you’ll find on the floor. For you to find out what a day at Boris is like, book an appointment and find out for yourself.” Working closely at Boris with owner and award-winning hairdresser Damien Rinaldo (last year’s AHFA Australian Hairdresser of the Year), Decaux cites Rinaldo as a constant source of inspiration. Tiffany-Decaux-Hair-Tapestry-Adelaide-Review-boris-hairdress-of-the-year-south-australia-2016 “There’s nothing better than working with the person I look up to and admire,” she says. “There’s always something in the works with Damien and his mind is always ahead of the game! He is someone you can always present ideas to – we’re like Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan – we know how to make a good game plan.” Tiffany-Decaux-Hair-Tapestry-Adelaide-Review-boris-hairdress-of-the-year-south-australia-2016 As for what the SA Hairdresser of the Year predicts will be the biggest hair trend this year: the 70s revival. “I feel like fringes will be big this year. Short choppy fringes. The big trends I’m seeing coming through are all about reliving the 70s but bringing a new twist to it.”

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