Copley & Watson: These charming men

A new co-op space in the West End is home to Copley & Watson, a specialist men’s store offering fine footwear and accessories.

In the age of fast and disposable fashion, with stores like H&M and Zara opening new flagship stores across Australia, local lads Andy Watson and Rob Copley are bucking the trend and reminding us about the beauty of craftsmanship and design. With the philosophy that we should be filling our wardrobes with the unique and handcrafted, Copley & Watson seeks to change the way we consume fashion. Sharing space with Magazine Gallery and Right Hand Distribution on Clubhouse Lane in Adelaide’s West End, Copley & Watson is the brainchild of the men behind the name. The new space was designed by Matiya Marovic, who wanted to bring a sense of fun and life to the store and change people’s expectations of what a retail experience could be like. Speaking on the store’s design, Marovic explains, “The primary inspirations were Indian and Nepalese colour palettes, but also 80s western approaches like the Hacienda in Manchester. The intention was to remove the corners of the room, creating a continuous but unpredictable flow that is simply playful and different.” For Watson and Copley, the concept behind the store was about bringing unique and highly sought-after footwear designs and accessories to Adelaide. The pair have hand-selected labels that are lovingly made and designed to last. This idea is taken through to the brands on display in store. One such brand is cult UK footwear Grenson – whose shoemakers have been using the same methods since 1866 – meaning the shoes can be re-soled many times over, making them a lifetime investment. This is an important philosophy for Copley and Watson, with the duo offering a maintenance and restoration service for customers who purchase shoes and boots from the store. “Quality leather footwear will look better with age from its natural patina, but leather is thirsty and needs moisture put back into it to keep it looking its best,” Watson explains. On the importance of looking after our shoes, Copley says, “Regular maintenance is the key with footwear. In most cases a tired pair of shoes or boots just needs some love.” Looking to the streets of Daikanyama, Japan for inspiration, Watson and Copley will be curating a number of designer labels in the store in coming months, these will join current brands like Oak Street Bookmakers, the famed US shoe and boot label that prides itself on preserving the heritage of fine shoemaking through thoughtfully designed and attentively crafted shoes, and Japanese sock label Anonymous Ism, which offers superior quality and contrasting designs selected to match perfectly with boots sold in store. Copley & Watson 83a Hindley Street

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