Eve to Dawn: Port Adelaide’s New Bohemians

The bohemian vibe of boutique styling and event hire company Eve to Dawn is a perfect fit for the eclectic destination that is Port Adelaide.

In a bid to bring creative drive to a historic area, Eve to Dawn has found a new home in Port Adelaide through Renew Adelaide. “There’s something about the buildings and the heritage,” Eve to Dawn owner Corinne Pensa says. “I’ve just always felt really comfortable there.”


The location is the ideal fit for the brand, “I’ve really enjoyed seeing the transformation that’s happening there at the moment,” says Pensa. “There are a lot of cool events and initiatives right now.”

Eve to Dawn is in good company. It is situated among a number of other Renew Adelaide projects, the likes of Fontanelle, The Forge: Creative Warehouse and Honeybee Cycles.

Pensa specialises in bohemian-inspired wedding and event styling, coordination and planning. Eve to Dawn also offers furniture hire. “When we were looking to hire furniture for our wedding last year, we found that there wasn’t much variety and it was expensive,” she says. Her husband custom makes the furniture with a 70s vibe, including: tables, chairs, bars and even a daybed.


The latest addition to Eve to Dawn is their date night sessions. “Having two kids, I know what it’s like, it’s not easy to plan nice nights out,” she says. “If we can come and set up a little space for a couple in their backyard when the kids are in bed, it just makes it easier.”

The Port Adelaide space was originally set to be a showroom for hire items but it now also includes a retail space, stocking: vintage fashion, boutique soft furnishings, house plants and furniture. With its conception only a year ago, Pensa says the new space has provided endless opportunities for the business to flourish. “I think it will be a great place to host workshops and have other vendors there in the industry. Sort of like a boutique expo but not as full on,” she says.


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