Flights of Fancy: Naomi Murrell

After the success of her last two pop-up stores, the new Naomi Murrell flagship store is a welcome addition to Ebenezer Place.

After the success of her last two pop-up stores, the new Naomi Murrell flagship store is a welcome addition to Ebenezer Place. The permanent retail space is showcasing the full range of Naomi Murrell jewellery and her new clothing line alongside local designers Vege Threads and greenery from E-S-T (Emma Sadie Thomson). Selecting the accompanying designers for the store was very important to Murrell, as she explains how they all share a love of simplicity in design. “It’s a tight edit of wares which we feel are in keeping with the values of our label, and most importantly are suited to the Adelaide lifestyle. In the case of Vege Threads, we are long time wearers of their organic cotton pieces ourselves, so it felt very natural to bring them into the store and extend the outfit options on offer with our capsule collection. Emma from E-S-T worked with us on our fit-out for the Second Nature space (our co-venture pop up with Melbourne label búl) last year and we love her modern aesthetic, so she was the obvious choice when looking for greenery.” The design of the store is a haven of understated, graphic femininity with Murrell’s jewellery range front and centre on a whitewashed Tambootie Table by Agostino & Brown. With brass hooks and camp stools from designers Douglas and Bec and a single stool by local designer Hunt Furniture, the addition of E-S-T greenery completes the space. Having a signature style with the jewellery collection, moving into clothing design was a natural progression for Murrell. “In many ways the clothing has been quite a seamless and natural extension of our work,” she says. “Of course production-wise we are using different materials and techniques, but since we are working with fashion-trained staff inhouse and expert suppliers for production, we felt confi dent in designing the fi rst collection. I’m a designer rather than a jeweller, so I don’t see it as a huge leap. We’re just translating our inspiration into another visual language.” This year Murrell is spending her time designing new collections and enjoying the new retail space. Colour is always the first step to designing a new collection. “Colour is king. It’s always the first question I know the answer to, and it usually sets the mood for a new collection. From there I often think about a title, this helps me focus my creative attention on telling a story. Then it’s a free for all image gathering fest, thinking, reading, watching old films and tuning in to all the possibilities. I tend to use Pinterest to collate all my inspiration for a new season onto one board, then it’s time to start drawing – my favourite part.” With admiration for international fashion labels A.P.C. and Isabel Marant, Murrell also looks to the work of local designers Daniel Emma and other artists for inspiration. “My heroes are Matisse and Picasso, and, in the modern day, Geoff McFetridge, for their ability to distill ideas down to their purest form, something I strive for in my work – and for their ability to portray everyday sights into beautiful compositions, which make you feel like you’re seeing things with new eyes.” Murrell adds, “I’m not exactly sure how all these inspirations translate into my designs, but I’m sure they’re hiding there somewhere in my flights of fancy if you know where to look.” Murrell is hoping to host events regularly in the new space, including regular street style photo hoots where selected customers will be invited to have their portraits taken. Stay tuned for more info on this project via Instagram or ask in store. Naomi Murrell Shop 5 Ebenezer Place

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