Four reasons to lap up the Limestone Coast

South Australia’s south-east brims with beauty, from cobalt blue water to charming country towns. Here are just a few reasons to head to the Limestone Coast for a weekend getaway this winter.

Town centre, Robe

Robe might be a popular spot to ride turquoise-coloured waves, but the seaside town is just as spectacular during the cooler months. That’s largely thanks to the town’s cosy hangout spots.

Quench your thirst on a tour of the small, family-run Robe Town Brewery. Yes, a cold beer goes down the hatch perfectly at any time of year! Today, the historic brewery uses several traditional methods of brewing their liquid gold, including custom-built wood-fired kettles to boil the beer.

For another experience that’ll warm the soul (and hands), sit beside a roaring fireplace and indulge in some good grub at local English-style pub The Caledonian Inn. Of course, no trip to the beachside town would be complete without a seafood feast. Try a fine-dining experience at The Sails or head to the beach for fish and chips.

For the cosiest spot of all, stay at Robe House, a charming bed and breakfast which was the first building to be erected in Robe. Best of all, you can listen to the waves crash on the shore from the warmth of your bed. RAA members save when they book a stay in this historic house.

The Caledonian Inn, Robe
The Caledonian Inn, Robe

Petticoat Lane, Penola

From historic stone cottages and lavender trees lining the street, Petticoat Lane is one of the prettiest and oldest residential areas in Penola. That alone should be enough to warrant a visit to the quaint town. Spend time wandering through the cottages on a tour and stop to read the story boards along the way for a history lesson on how the town’s early settlers lived.

Petticoat Lane, Penola
Petticoat Lane, Penola

Pool of Siloam, Beachport

Close to the sea in the state’s south-east is a lake that’s reported to be seven times saltier than the sea, making the water extremely buoyant. Many people believe the water in the Pool of Siloam has therapeutic benefits, and can relieve aches and pains for those suffering arthritis. All the more reason to brave the cold and take a dip if the cooler months bring on a pesky flare up.

Pool of Siloam, Beachport

Engelbrecht Cave, Mount Gambier

The Limestone Coast is scattered with historic cave sites, from Naracoorte to the tiny town of Tantanoola. Bypass the tourist masses and visit Engelbrecht Cave in Mount Gambier. Once inside, you’ll have to climb 164 steps to reach a number of different viewing platforms. The main difference with Engelbrecht Cave to other cave sites in the region is that it’s also a popular diving site. In fact, the cave has a sinkhole with two passages, one of which is only accessible by diving down into the depths.

Words: Lauren Ferrone

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