Review: Rich Hall

The cantankerous comedy veteran — and original inspiration for The Simpson’s Moe Szylack — returns to Adelaide fresh from the land of Trump. And he’s less than pleased with the Commander in Chief.

An almost full Corona Theatre welcomes a jetlagged Hall to Adelaide. A Fringe regular, the Montana local, who divides his time between the US and England, is one of the best professional grouches going around: the 63-year-old is a seasoned pro of comedy songs and stand-up.

Despite this, there are some hiccups, which are out of his control. It is hard to hear Hall at times due to low volume and sound bleed from other venues in the Garden. Then there is the world’s worst heckler, who is so off that Hall doesn’t bother to respond his inane heckles for the last half. A shake of Hall’s head is all that is needed.

Of course, Trump is a major part of Hall’s grumblings. Hall doesn’t have much respect for those in the real estate game especially one who puts his names on buildings. To Hall, quite amusingly, Trump is the Polites of America. The reason why Trump has stuck in his craw is because it’s personal.

Hall had to pay a large amount of money for a CAT scan to check a health scare, which he recounts with amusing detail. Heckler aside, Hall shines with audience interaction — mainly themed around love and marriage — especially when he gets his guitar and works audience member’s marital lives into song. These ditties provide the highlights of an amusing hour of ramblings and observations, which didn’t set the world on fire, but his cranky loveable on-stage persona is one that will always entertain.

This is a review of the Tuesday, March 13 show. Rich Hall continues at the Corona Theatre until Sunday, March 18.

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