Coffee Break with Tony Gentilcore

Owner/ barista of roaster and cafe La Crema Coffee, Tony Gentilcore provides some insight into what makes a great roast and cup.

Is the rise of specialty coffee houses all over Adelaide a healthy sign for the industry? It’s great for the coffee industry as it gives the customers a wide range of choice to try different coffee, blends and brews from differing baristas and cafes across the city. What makes La Crema’s coffee different to others you will find around Adelaide? La Crema Coffee is a boutique coffee roasting company. We roast small batches to procure the highest quality possible from the beans. Can you tell us about some of the beans, blends and flavor profiles of La Crema’s coffee? We source our green beans worldwide. La Crema profile and roast all single origin beans at different temperatures to extract flavours. Custom blending is suited to the customer’s need. Can you explain what made you want to pursue a career in coffee? Coffee runs through my blood. I just have a huge passion and love for all things coffee. Your first cup of the day – what is it? Espresso. Do you believe Adelaide is entering an age of professional baristas? Yes. What are some cafe/coffee pet hates that you won’t find at La Crema Coffee? Burnt coffee, not extracting proper shots and overheating milk are on the top of my coffee pet hate list. La Crema Coffee 678 South Road Glandore;

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