Bar 9: Serious Fun

Bar 9 is a coffee boutique that keeps growing and I’m not talking about the coffee plants they recently harvested in the front window.

This boutique stands out with a fresh new brew bar and quirky ideas. Don’t be fooled by the staff having fun and dressing casually because they take their coffee very seriously. The new tea section and the different brewing methods on offer definitely raise the bar above the boutique coffee industry. I ordered my espresso and within 60 seconds, I received it straight from the barista’s hand. It was a single origin bean I had never tried before called Panama Lerida. With a sweet and floral aroma it tasted like sweet berries that followed through until the last sip. For the latte, I tried the house blend, which was composed of Brazil, Colombian and Ethiopian beans. The milk (Tweedvale) was silky smooth and dense with a six leaf tulip as the latte art. You know you’ve had a good latte when the pattern that was delivered on top is still partially there at the bottom of the cup upon the last sip. I could taste the dark fruit flavour of the Brazil and Ethiopian beans but the Colombian beans delivered the nutty undertones. The coffee related artwork and the tools they use throughout the venue show that they mean business. I don’t understand how anyone could have a serious meeting here when you have the option to take a seat in the lounge area and play Mario Bros on an old Nintendo system. This contributes to the homely feel that’s so inviting at Bar 9. Bar 9 96 Glen Osmond Road, Parkside

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