Coffee By The Beans: Hidden Gem

Now here is a place that is off the beaten track and was designed for the coffee connoisseur. Coffee by the Beans is an impressive small space that has been well utilised featuring an espresso bar right next to a brewing bar.

The service was incredible, the lady behind the counter took me through all my options from the methods such as espresso, cold drip, pour over and siphon right through to the three blends or two single origin beans to choose from. I started with an espresso (short black) of Costa Rica (which seems to be the single origin flavour of the month amongst boutiques). The aroma was sweet and the crema, which was laid on thick, held its form ‘til the last sip. Smooth acidity and bright flavour gave good first impressions from the skilled barista. The latte was presented to me with a six-leaf tulip on top and another staff member willing to talk about the bean I chose, Guatemala. The first sip of the latte was floral and fruity. The stretched and textured milk was a bit thin and lacked body but the coffee taste still shined through. The staff did not know who I was or where I was from but it felt like all the staff knew I was coming in to assess them and their coffee, which tells me that they treat all their customers like this. After coming across Coffee by the Beans, I now understand what they mean by a hidden gem. Coffee by the Beans Shop 3, 394 Henley Beach Road, Lockleys

Adelaide In-depth

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