First Pour

When you enter First Pour you’re greeted by a large chandelier and a set up that’s a little different to your mainstream cafés.

By having the bar set up in the middle of the room (like a square), it ensures that the customer has full view of what’s going on behind the espresso machine and brewing stations. It has a funky atmosphere inside and relaxing feel outside. They take coffee seriously by offering multiple brewing methods and using a solid coffee brand called Veneziano. I ordered an espresso which was a single origin bean called Sidamo Guji Berta. It came from a mill in South Oromia, Ethiopia that’s been operating for eleven years and you can imagine the perfection they’ve achieved after all this time. It smelt very floral and had a velvety body but the fruity brightness came through with the first taste. For the latte I sampled the house blend called ‘Forza Blend’ which was has won multiple awards. The milk (Fleurieu) was silky smooth and creamy with an eight leaf tulip on top as the latte art. The first taste had very rich buttery notes coming through but towards the end I tasted caramelised orange which lingered in the mouth. The staff are all happy and it’s definitely noticeable upon entry that it’s a fun place to work and talk coffee. With the transparent layout and an overall suave feel, First Pour is a boutique that stands out in bringing specialty coffee to North Adelaide with every single pour. First Pour 111 Melbourne Street North Adelaide

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